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Yukinojou Icon Male Actress Yukinojou
Rarity 4★
Cost 15
Class Warrior
Weapon Blade
Growth Rate Average (750 Base EXP)
  Attack HP
Level 1 2460 2220
Level 50 5860 5420
Level 70 7660 7220
Affiliation Nine Territories of Fire
Job Actor


Skill Double-Edged Drop (Mana: 1)
"Another philistine for me to kill!"
Deal 10 blows of light damage to one enemy in front of Yukinojou.
0.6x Damage per hit.
Teachable New Generation
"Even off-stage, I'll do my best to master any art."
This New Generation character can learn a skill from any Old Generation Warrior.


Ability Swordplay Star
◆ Attack power rises while in combat.
◆ Critical hits sometimes inflict daze.
When I'm on the battlefield... you must give me a good challenge!
Attack power increases by 25%.
Critical hits have a 15% chance to daze.
Kabuki Battlefield
◆ Attack power and movement speed rise when fighting on battlefield/wasteland terrain.
A beautiful flower on the stage, and a deadly one on the battlefield.
Attack power and movement speed increase by 30% when on battlefield/wasteland terrain.
Chain Ability Male Actress' Knowledge - Cost: 3
◆ Critical hits sometimes inflict daze.
Critical hits have a 7% chance to daze.


The star of an unrecognized entertainment troupe in the Nine Territories. He somewhat resents the fact that his parents forced him to follow in their footsteps from a young age, but has since accepted it since it made him develop very refined mannerisms. However, he still hopes that he can fight like the other ogres thanks to the natural lust for battle inherent in their blood.
Voice Jun Fukuyama
Illustrator Egg Yolk


Voice Lines
Sample "I'm glad to hear that you appreciate my beauty."
Affection Level Up "Hey you, do you want to dance together?"
"You're the only one who accepts me as both a man and a woman."
Favorite "Hey, you there."
"Tch... damn them."
"That was pretty rough."


How to Obtain
Nine Territories of Fire Part 3 Tavern Recruit