Weapon Enhancers are used to activate the stat bonuses provided by weapons up to their maximum limit. Each weapon has their own stat spread, with higher rank weapons generally having higher limited for each of their three stats. While the stats are generally Attack, Critical, and Defense, there are exceptions to this that provide alternative stat boosts.

Enhancer Arcana ListEdit

Blade Club Spear Bow Magic Holy Fist Pistol Rifle Blacksmith
Crafter Blade Crafter Icon1 Club Crafter Icon1 Spear Crafter Icon1 Bow Crafter Icon1 Magic Crafter Icon1 Holy Crafter Icon1 Fist Crafter Icon1 Pistol Crafter Icon1 Rifle Crafter Icon1 Blacksmith1 Icon1
Forger Blade Forger Icon1 Club Forger Icon1 Spear Forger Icon1 Bow Forger Icon1 Magic Forger Icon1 Holy Forger Icon1 Fist Forger Icon1 Pistol Forger Icon1 Rifle Forger Icon1 All Forger Icon1
Smith Blade5 Icon1 Club5 Icon1 Spear5 Icon1 Bow5 Icon1 Magic5 Icon1 Holy5 Icon1 Fist Smith Icon1 Pistol Smith Icon1 Rifle Smith Icon1 Blacksmith5 Icon1

Success RateEdit

Below are success rates of weapon enhancers used on the correct weapon type. Success rate decreases for every 10 points currently on the weapon, and is halved for non-matching enhancers used.

Points 0-9 10-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50+
Success Rate 1★ 50% 40% 30% 15% 10% 5%
3★ 200% 160% 120% 60% 40% 20%
5★ 500% 400% 300% 150% 100% 50%

Success rate will stack when multiple enhancers are used. If cumulative success rate is below 100%, enhancement may fail (no points acquired). If cumulative success rate is over 100%, (eg. 250%) each 100% of success rate guarantees 1-3 skill points to a random attribute above. Excess success rate may or may not give a point.


Below is the formula used to calculate the amount of gold needed to be paid to use a single enhancer, it is not dependent on the rarity of the weapon and enhancer used.

100 * Character Rarity + Total Points * 50 * Character Rarity