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Tablibik Icon Demon of Fascination Tablibik
Rarity 5★
Cost 20
Class Archer
Weapon Bow
Growth Rate Slow (1000 Base EXP)
  Attack HP
Level 1 1600 1300
Level 60 5700 4000
Level 80 9000 6400
Affiliation Demon
Job Demon


Skill A Piacere (Mana: 1)
"Come on! Dance with me now!!"
[Dance] Temporarily boosts the attack power and movement speed of all allies. Afterwards, boosts their attack power further.
Attack power and movement speed increase by 40% for 10 seconds. Afterwards, attack power increases by 50% for 10 seconds.


Ability Demon's Seduction
Any soul can be taken away when facing a demon's charms, no matter how strong it is. Sometimes gain mana upon slaying an enemy.
18% chance.
Support Holler!
Kyahaha! Everyone, show me more energy through your voices! Boost all knights' attack power when on the battlefield with two or more, and boost all warriors' attack power and movement speed when on the battlefield with two or more. Tablibik's unique ability.
Attack power increases by 20% for all knights when there are two or more. Attack power increases by 10% and movement speed increases by 40% for all warriors when there are two or more.
Chain Ability Captivating Guide - Cost: 4
Deal more damage to and take less from humans.
Deals 20% more damage and takes 10% less.


A popular dancer from another continent. When the Black Army attacked, her desire to impress others consumed her and turned her into a demon. She heard a rumor that the Lake of Sand has many excellent dancers, and has invaded Yggdra to see whose dances can attract people the best.
Voice Aya Suzaki
Illustrator Nemu


Voice Lines
Sample Unknown


How to Obtain
Demon Raid - Tablibik Attacks!