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Shegigim (Original)

Shegigim (Original) Icon Obstinate Loyalist Shegigim
Rarity 5★
Cost 20
Class Warrior
Weapon Blunt
Growth Rate Fairly Slow (900 Base EXP)
  Attack HP
Level 1 2860 2900
Level 60 7160 7500
Level 80 9160 9500
Affiliation Beastoria
Job Fighter


Skill Roaring Face (Mana: 3)
"As you say!"
Deal moderate damage to all surrounding enemies and inflict daze. This special is performed twice if you have less than four mana.
11x Damage.


Ability Command Me! - Requires: Faithful Dog Shegigim
◆ Restore own HP and attack power temporarily rises when an ally activates their special.
I like being told to do things, so please give me more instructions!
Restore 20% of HP and attack power increases by 20% for 40 seconds when an ally activates their special.
Pious Cooperation - Requires: Disqualified as the Faithful Dog?
◆ Attack power rises and restore HP based on damage dealt when attacking an enemy alongside another ally.
Proper cooperation with others allows the exhibition of true power.
Attack power increases by 55% and restores HP based on 10% of damage dealt when hitting the same enemy as at least one ally.
Chain Ability Faithful Dog's Support - Cost: 3
◆ Damage taken falls while in combat.
◆ Restore own HP at the start of each wave.
Damage taken decreases by 3%.
Restore 12% of own HP each wave.


A girl from the Houndsnout tribe of Beastoria, a land far from Yggdra. She faithfully carries out any mission, and her skill earns her the chiefs' trust. She likes being told to do things rather than thinking for herself, to the point it's excessive even for the Houndsnouts, so she earned the nickname "Faithful Dog".
Voice Kana Hanazawa
Illustrator Ryuu Tetusai


Voice Lines
Sample "I'll do anything you ask me to do."


How to Obtain
Beastoria Tavern Recruit