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Rosa Icon Ent Rosa
Rarity 2★
Cost 4
Class Cleric
Weapon Holy
Growth Rate Very Fast (300 Base EXP)
Growth Type Late
  Attack HP
Level 1 900 700
Level 30 2400 1500
Level 50 3800 2900
Affiliation Soul Island
Job Healer


Skill Great Heal (Mana: 2)
"Bloom beautifully."
Restore a moderate amount of HP (120% of ATK) to all allies.
Teachable Great Heal (Mana: 2)
Restore a moderate amount of HP (120% of ATK) to all allies.


Chain Ability Nursing - Cost: 1
◆ Restore the HP (6%) of the ally with the lowest HP at the start of each wave.


A forest sprite associated with the Great Tree tribe who has begun merging with a rose. While proud to be a rose, the part of her ego that remains despairs about the fleeting life of a flower.
Voice Saki Hoshino
Illustrator moc


Voice Lines
Sample "Blooming is my pride and joy."


How to Obtain
South Woods - Bewitching Southern Spirits
Great Tree Colony - The Great Tree's Healing
World Tree Library - The Human Hating Forest Nation
Arctic Volcano - The Bones in The Crater