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Monami (Original)

Monami (Original) Icon Saint Valentine's Descendant Monami
Rarity 5★
Cost 16
Class Cleric
Weapon Holy
Growth Rate Fast (500 Base EXP)
  Attack HP
Level 1 2000 1000
Level 60 5450 3500
Level 80 7450 5500
Affiliation Holy Capital
Job Priest


Skill Sacred Speech (Mana: 2)
"Purely, properly, and solemnly!"
[Combo] [Song] Periodically restores a small amount of HP to all allies. Also temporarily boosts movement speed and reduces damage taken for all allies except herself.
Heals 11.5% of attack power every 2 seconds, increases movement speed by 30%, and reduces damage taken by 2% of receiver's attack power. Lasts 20 seconds.


Ability Unconveyed Thoughts
The Day of the Saint of Love began a long time ago... Hey, listen to me! Movement speed rises in order to spread teaching, and normal healing restores more HP. Also sometimes restores AP after clearing quests. Monami's unique ability.
Normal healing restores 7% more HP. Sometimes restores 10% of AP used.
Hidden Feelings - Requires: The Sweet Thief Returns?
I actually love sweets, there's no other reason why I'd envy lovers... Where are you going?! Damage taken falls for all knights on the battlefield, and restores the HP of all allies at the start of each wave. Monami's unique ability.
Reduces damage taken by knights by 5%, and restores 5% of all allies' HP.
Chain Ability Love Saint's Descendant - Cost: 4
Normal healing restores more HP, and recovers from seals faster.
Normal healing restores 7% more HP. Recover from Seal 50% faster.


A descendant of the Saint of Love. The fact that the original day became a day to just give out candy to people irritates her, and she tries her best to teach the original meaning of the day to no success. This causes her to believe that the destruction of all sweets is the only way for people to understand.
Voice Inori Minase
Illustrator Ogino


Voice Lines
Sample Unknown


How to Obtain
Purity! The Day of the Saint of Love?! (February 9, 2016 - February 15, 2016)
Dawning - Can't Allow the Sweets!
Expedition - Fortifications
Fortune Ring Shop - 150 Rings