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Fishie Icon World Tree's Caretaker Fishie
Rarity 4★
Cost 15
Class Cleric
Weapon Holy
Growth Rate Average (750 Base EXP)
  Attack HP
Level 1 1859 1850
Level 50 5150 4050
Level 70 7150 6050
Affiliation Chronicle Continent
Job Orphan


Skill Breath Heal (Mana: 1)
"Take a deep breath, ahh."
Restores a small amount of HP to all allies.
Heals by 60% of attack power.


Ability Watering Can of Life
Pure mana provided through the watering can. Specials boost the super gauge of all allies that have one. Fishie's unique ability.
Adds 70 points to the super gauge.
World Tree's Mana
Together with the World Tree, we can try to protect everyone! Start battles with one mana, and restores all allies' HP at the start of each wave. Fishie's unique ability.
Restores 12% of HP.
Chain Ability World Tree's Drops - Cost: 3
Restores all allies' HP at the start of each wave.
Restores 4% of HP.


A girl protected by Rivera ever since she had drifted down the sea of another continent that was attacked by the Black Army. Because she has no other place to go, she offers to help Rivera. So she was entrusted with one of Galaxias' sacred treasures, the "Watering Can of Life," used to protect the buds of the World Tree that were planted to provide clean mana for the Chronicle Continent, so she has the job to take care of it. This ordinary girl also gained power through it, thanks to the relationship she has with the World Tree, she now has healing power.
Voice Kotori Koiwai
Illustrator Jiro Tomioka


Voice Lines
Sample Unknown


How to Obtain
Chronicle Continent Tavern Recruit