Experience is needed to increase the level of an Arcana, which increases its stats.

Growth RateEdit

Growth Rate shows the speed of which an Arcana gains levels, the lower their base experience (Level 1 to 2), the faster it usually takes. The experience types are as follows.

Growth Rate Base Experience Experience for Level 80
Very Fast 300 995,000
Fast 500 1,619,300
Average 750 2,350,800
Fairly Slow 900 2,778,300
Slow 1000 3,063,300
Very Slow 1250 3,795,600

Growth Rate Base Experience Experience for Max
Event A 300 4,443,900 (Lv. 80)
Event B 300 3,062,400 (Lv. 80)
Event C 200 1,799,200 (Lv. 70)

Growth TypesEdit

Growth Types affect the stat increases per level of an Arcana between its base level and the max level without limit breaks, majority of Arcana have the normal growth type.

  • Early types gain more stats in the first portion of their levels and gain less during the later portion.
  • Normal types gain stats evenly throughout their levels.
  • Late types gain less stats in the first portion of their levels and gain more during the later portion.

Limit BreakingEdit

Limit Breaking an arcana allows it to reach levels higher than its ordinary maxed level. Each arcana can be limit broken up to four times, which will increase the level cap by five each time. To limit break an arcana, you must enhance the arcana with another copy of the same arcana. Both stats are increased equally each limit break, and stat gains typically follow the same format, but there are exceptions.

Rarity Boost per limit break Boost for max break
Common +350 +1400
Rare +400 +1600
Super Rare +450 +1800
Ultra Rare +500 +2000

Arcana EnhancersEdit

Arcana enhancers give large amounts of experience to character arcanas and are used to level them. There are 6 types, one for each class and also one for all classes. When a class specific enhancer is used on the corresponding class it gives a 100% increase in experience gain, while using them on different class will give 80% increase. Great success during the enhancement will double experience gain.
Rank Soldier Knight Archer Wizard Cleric Experience
I Soldier Enhancer I Icon1 Knight Enhancer I Icon1 Archer Enhancer I Icon1 Wizard Enhancer I Icon1 Cleric Enhancer I Icon1 3720
II Soldier Enhancer II Icon1 Knight Enhancer II Icon1 Archer Enhancer II Icon1 Wizard Enhancer II Icon1 Cleric Enhancer II Icon1 13480
III Soldier Enhancer III Icon1 Knight Enhancer III Icon1 Archer Enhancer III Icon1 Wizard Enhancer III Icon1 Cleric Enhancer III Icon1 36820
IV Soldier Enhancer IV Icon1 Knight Enhancer IV Icon1 Archer Enhancer IV Icon1 Wizard Enhancer IV Icon1 Cleric Enhancer IV Icon1 85960
V Soldier Enhancer V Icon1 Knight Enhancer V Icon1 Archer Enhancer V Icon1 Wizard Enhancer V Icon1 Cleric Enhancer V Icon1 121200