Chain Chronicle has five unique classes, each with their own traits and special abilities. It is up to you whether you wish to create a party comprised of nothing but one class, or if you want to make a well-balanced team. Chain Chronicles’ huge assortment of characters ensures that you will have the correct team to fit your own strategic playing style.



Always at the front lines, warriors are melee-focused and aren't shy about getting up close and personal with the Black Army’s strongest.
Specialty: Warriors can break through the defenses of knights with ease. They can also obliterate other long-range classes with their melee attacks, provided they get close enough.



Defenders of the meek and built to last, knights use their shields to protect those behind them from arrows, spells and other forms of attacks.
Specialty: Knights can block all forms of projectiles from going through to the rear. They don’t hit as hard as soldiers, but they can still fend off attackers with their melee attacks.



Quick on their feet and even quicker with their long-ranged weapon of choice, archers let other classes do the heavy lifting, dealing damage from the rear.
Specialty: Archers excel in firing arrows from a safe distance, pelting foes bit by bit so that other melee classes can go in for the kill.



Master of the mystical arts, these spell casters can summon flames, ice, and other elements at will to decimate their foes without so much as a scratch to themselves.
Specialty: Magicians can shoot either ice or fire projectiles at their opponents from a distance, be it a single target or area of effect attack. Some wizards are also masters of debilitation, poisoning and weakening their foes to give your party an advantage.



Holy warriors of light, these healers come to the aid of those in need, and strengthen the party’s resolve to press on.
Specialty: Clerics can heal units within their healing radius. Some clerics are also able to cure your units from status ailments. Clerics are essential to ensure the party’s survival in tough battles.

Battle MechanicsEdit

Class Type Advantage Disadvantage
Shortest base interval between attacks (1.5 seconds). Highest base critical chance (40%). Effective against armored enemies. Staggered by Archers/Magicians.
Ranged damage is reduced by a base of 60%. Weak against Warriors.
Strong against Warriors. Ranged damage increases depending on how close the target is. Weak against Knights. Melee attacks normally deal half damage.
Strong against Warriors. Deals magic damage which is effective against Cliones. Weak against Knights. Melee attacks normally deal half damage.
Restores allies' HP when in range. HP restored is based on Attack Power. Low HP and attack speed make them ill-suited for battle.


  • These are general stats for all units. However certain units can have abilities to improve their advantages or bypass their disadvantages.