The tavern is the chat room of the Chain Chronicle Wiki, it can be accessed on Special:Chat or by clicking "Enter" button on the right side of the wiki, just under the recent activity box. It allows members of this wiki to talk to one another, whether it's about Chain Chronicle or not.


These are the rules that must be taken note of while you are in the tavern. Users who are disruptive towards the chat or fail to behave appropriately will be banned. Reasons include, but are not limited to:

  1. Personal attacks, any form of harassment, and bullying are not allowed.
    • This includes should a user speak ill of another user on another wiki or through another form of communication.
  2. Any form of hate speech, including racism and bigotry.
  3. Excessive Explicit Content.
    • Including Swearing. Additionally, swearing addressed to any other user on the chat will merit an immediate ban.
    • Images and videos linked within the chat must be safe for work.
  4. Violation of personal privacy.
  5. Trolling and general irritation towards other chat members.
  6. Whining and complaining.
  7. Discussions about unrelated topics is allowed, but if only a certain few are talking about it, then it may be better to use private messaging.
  8. Spamming.
    • Includes using emoticons excessively.
  9. Giving out false information.
  10. Mentioning of excessively disturbing content.
  11. Impersonation of the wiki's chat moderators or admins. The only users who have these roles will have a gold star next to their usernames.

The punishment varies depending on the severity of the issue, but it will normally be:

  • First Offense - Warning
  • Second Offense - 3 Day Ban
  • Third Offense - 1 Week Ban
  • Fourth Offense - 1 Month Ban
  • Fifth Offense - Permanent Ban

This is just for the usual case, bans and their duration are on the moderator or admin's discretion. Additionally, should alternate accounts be created in order to avoid punishments, those accounts will be permanently banned from entering the wiki's chat.

When anyone causes any sort of issue, users are able to report the disruption by sending a screenshot of the issue to any user listed here.


The list of chat emoticons can be found here. Their usage is allowed, but please refrain from using emoticons excessively. Administrators may add and remove emoticons at any given time.