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Angelica (Original)

Angelica (Original) Icon Smiling Fiend Angelica
Rarity 4★
Cost 12
Class Warrior
Weapon Blade
Growth Rate Average (750 Base EXP)
Growth Type Normal
  Attack HP
Level 1 1700 1500
Level 50 5300 5100
Level 70 7100 6900
Affiliation Vice Capital
Job Assassin


Skill Demonic Smile (Mana: 2)
"Hehe... you should disappear."
Deal moderate damage to one enemy in front of Angelica, and inflict daze.
10x Damage.


Ability Hurricane
◆ Movement speed rises while in combat.
Movement speed increases by 40%.
Assassin's Blow
◆ Critical hit power rises while in combat.
Techniques used by the Assassin's Guild.
Critical hits deal 50% more normal damage.
Chain Ability Assassination Blade - Cost: 3
◆ Critical hit power rises while in combat.
Critical hits deal 10% more normal damage.


A member of the Assassin’s Guild. Her tendency to dispatch targets with a smile has given her the nickname of the "Smiling Fiend." On the surface she seems aggressively neutral, but it’s impossible to know what she’s truly thinking. Her reasons for joining the group are unknown.
Voice Ayane Sakura
Illustrator Amano


Voice Lines
Sample "Demon, you say? How unfortunate."


How to Obtain
Vice Capital Tavern Recruit